What is the branding project?

The goal of this project is to develop a community-wide brand that supports and elevates all city organizations, entities, businesses and residents.

The community branding project reaches far beyond just a logo design project. While there is a visual design component, it also includes brand messaging, economic development strategies, how you experience the brand in the built environment, and more.

It is important to note that we are not “rebranding,” but rather uncovering the true identity that already exists and developing a brand platform and tools to help tell that story.

The Engagement Process

The most important part of this project is engaging with the public and stakeholders to gain a deep and authentic understanding of High Point. We know people want to be involved, and want their voice to count. We take a “roll your sleeves up” approach, whether that means walking around downtown or talking to business owners, young families, retirees, minority groups and more. We engrain ourselves in the community and our goal is to learn what makes it tick — what are the commonalities, and what are the differences? The more people we talk to, the better! What does High Point have to offer visitors? What are the issues facing High Point in the next few years? How do residents feel about living there? These are just some of the questions we’ll seek to answer through the engagement process.

We want to hear every voice in the community. The best decisions aren’t made in a vacuum, and that’s especially true for branding projects. It’s important to hear from you about why you love living, working in, and visiting High Point. Without true, meaningful engagement, the project will not be representative of the whole community and will not be a success.

Read more on the engagement process here

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Project Timeline

The branding project is split into 3 main phases.

Phase I - Research & Public Engagement

Learning all about what makes High Point different from other places.

Phase II - Identity & Testing

Developing the brand strategy and designing and testing the brand identity.

Phase III - Implementation & Launch

Building the implementation plan for launching the brand in the real world.

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